Casual Slay

Hey lovelies,

Today’s outfit is all about keeping it cute in this warm weather. It has been a hot couple of days in London and I am so excited! I haven’t really shopped for this season just yet, I still have a closet full of winter clothes. Can you believe that? Anyway, I ransacked my closet and found old pieces from last year or maybe, the last two years. Yeah, the shorts and top are really old & then I found my grey tie sleeved duster coat! Oh it was a great day for me:)

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Brunch outfit!

It has been a while my lovelies! I have missed our little chats. I was sleepy right before I started writing this but clearly my love for our chats go beyond my need for sleep! So I attended a brunch last Saturday, the choice of restaurant was perfect but I had a last minute “wardrobe malfunction”. Continue reading “Brunch outfit!”

Black Peplum Frill Top & Life Update

Hey lovelies,

I had such a productive week, all thanks to forward thinking and planning. I got back into writing down my plans for each day so that asides my regular job, I am constantly working on my other goals in other areas of my life. I have to say it has been such a versatile week for me. I think you guys need to try it out. I have been thinking lately about the fact that I sometimes get so engrossed in my Monday – Friday job that I am always too tired on these days to do other productive ventures until the weekend. No more! I am now taking active steps to achieve a lot more on these days and not be so reliant on weekends to do so much. Continue reading “Black Peplum Frill Top & Life Update”

A day at the park!

Hey lovelies!

I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I sure did! I ran into the lovely Jeanette Jenkins aka beautybyjj. She was so sweet and absolutely lovely.  I definitely feel very inspired to work harder on my blog and youtube channel. Continue reading “A day at the park!”

28 days to better looking skin

Hey lovelies,

Last February, I decided to show my skin some love. I suck at sticking to skin routines. One of my personal goals for last month was to commit the whole of February to my skin. I prepared a strict skin regimen which I followed and diarised.

Skin regimen

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