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There is nothing wrong in being on a budget and it is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I admire people who follow through with their budgets. I’m still working on that. You don’t have to spend all you own on makeup to look amazing. 

Today is all about sharing cheaper drugstore makeup products which will still have your makeup looking flawless.

1. Eyebrows

The Mac eyebrow pencil is amazing but if you can’t or chose not to buy this, there are cheaper alternatives which are amazing as well.

Mac Eyebrow pencil

Collection brow kit – I have this brow kit in ‘brunette’.  I love it so much. It works very well with my skin. I love the three different brow shade options and it comes with a brow gel. It costs only £3.99. You can purchase this kit at Superdrug or Boots.

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If you want a cheaper alternative to the brow kit , check out MUA. They have amazing brow pencils for only £1. That’s a bargain right. I love!!

MUA brow pencil

MUA also have a brow kit which contains four different colours for shading and highlighting the brows. It also comes with tweezers! It costs £3.50 at Superdrug.

MUA brow kit


2. Eyeliner

Collection – I currently own both of these liners and I love them. They are easy to use. For people who struggle with eyeliner precision, a felt tip liner might provide extra help and make it easier to apply your liner.

collection eyeliner
It costs £2.99
Also £2.99 from superdrug

If you want a gel liner, I suggest Kiko gel liner. It is amazing! It is very easy to apply because the gel liner isn’t dry. This liner costs only £8.90 on the Kiko website.

Kiko eyeliner

3. Eye shadow

While I love my Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 and I am sincerely considering buying one of Juvia’s Place Nubian Palettes, if you can’t afford them, it isn’t the end of the world.


I can totally understand not wanting to spend around £30 on an eye shadow palette. The sleek palette may not have the same colours or be as pigmented but it is a good alternative.

Sleek has a wide range of eye shadow colours, you will definitely find at least one palette you like. To purchase, go to your local beauty supply store or Superdrug.

Storm 578

4. Foundation

I am a lover of foundation. I get bored easily so I use multiple foundations from different brands. I love Urban Decay, Mac and Dior foundations at the moment. They all cost around £30.

If you don’t want to spend that much on foundation, check out Black Opal. They have good foundations at inexpensive prices. You can purchase them from your local beauty store or their website.


Kiko are an amazing brand with a wide range of skin colour options. You can purchase on their website or go to a local Kiko store.

They cost £14.90 on the kiko website.

4. Lipsticks

I love Mac lipsticks but I try other inexpensive brands and they are amazing! Let’s take MUA for example, they have a collection of liquid lipsticks which dry matte. I love them!

Other alternatives are Barry M, Loreal, Sleek , Kiko and NYX. They all cost around £5. You can purchase directly from their websites, superdrug, boots or Selfridges.

Please leave your comments below. Let me know if you have used any of these products or heard of these brands and your thoughts on them. See you next Sunday:)

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  1. I am definitely going to try the brow kit from Collection as I find it difficult to find a perfect dark brown shade that is neither too dark or reddish.

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