Black Peplum Frill Top & Life Update

Hey lovelies,

I had such a productive week, all thanks to forward thinking and planning. I got back into writing down my plans for each day so that asides my regular job, I am constantly working on my other goals in other areas of my life. I have to say it has been such a versatile week for me. I think you guys need to try it out. I have been thinking lately about the fact that I sometimes get so engrossed in my Monday – Friday job that I am always too tired on these days to do other productive ventures until the weekend. No more! I am now taking active steps to achieve a lot more on these days and not be so reliant on weekends to do so much.

I even published a youtube video last week. I got so up close and personal answering questions about myself. Please check it out here!

Anyway back to today’s post! This outfit gave me so much life!!! I am absolutely in love with the peplum top, the choker and how can I forget, the afro. I think this whole look just comes together nicely for me. Let’s say I’m embracing my melanin and what not. Outfit details are at the bottom of this post.

Can we take a moment to talk about the bag?  First of all, I hardly ever feature handbags on my blog posts, they have never really been my thing but lately, I find that I am slowly getting into it.

Outfit Details

Top: Pretty Little Thing

Skirt: Boohoo

Jacket: Forever 21

Choker: Coming soon on

Heels: New Look

Earrings: Monk

Bag: Step in style (store in Leicester)

What do you think about the outfit? Do you like the afro as much as I do? Leave your comments below and we’ll continue next week x

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One thought on “Black Peplum Frill Top & Life Update

  1. Apart from been beautiful, I think the best beauty a woman can have is from inside, u nail it all, both the outside and the inner beauty, just keep it up.. I hope I can get to know u more as a friend

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