Reflection – 2016

Hey lovelies,
How is your week going ? Mine is going really well. I have maintained a positive outlook all through. I was reading a rhapsody of realities article about living a daily life of praise and how it is important to be grateful everyday. I have made a conscious effort this week to be thankful and excited against all odds.

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For the love of food

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I am such a huge foodie. I can’t be the only one! The way to my heart is indeed through food lol. Who is with me? I tried food from a food market last week and the food was amazing. I need to some find time soon to try a few stalls and blog about it. In the meantime, let me tell you about the diner I went to yesterday. I was hanging out yesterday with my law school sweetheart! Her name is Sarah. We went through all the craziness of law school and we have so many similarities in relation to our legal career goals as well as long-term fashion goals. Exciting isn’t it? I find it very interesting to have friends who have similar goals as I see it as an opportunity to collaborate and support one another. Let’s get back to the food!

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It is finally December!!!!!

Exciting, isn’t it?! Christmas is fast approaching.  A few bank holidays will soon be upon us. What is there not to love about December? Super excited because it is the end of the year! 2017 is here!!!!

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Hey lovelies!

How is your day going? I have had such a long day. I could do with some sleep. Anyway, I decided to share something a little different with you guys today. I had an incident where someone’s girlfriend called me on the phone. I was so shocked about the whole incident that I just had to share it with you guys.


Have you guys had any similar experiences, please share your stories!

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Thank you.