First dates+ summer dress

First dates are tricky! It’s hard to decide what to wear, how to act and where to go. The list goes on and on. You want to look stunning but effortless while doing so! It can be so overwhelming thinking about all your choices for your first date. Relax! I am here to help. I can’t tell you what to say but just be  yourself and your beautiful personality will shine through! It has been on my mind lately to share a few tips on how to get through your first date with less hitches.

1. Be yourself! There is no point pretending to be someone you are not, only for the other person to find out it was all an act. Save yourself the stress. Let the other person get to know the real you, not the fictitious character you have portrayed yourself to be.

2.  Don’t expect too much. It’s a first date, not a life-time commitment. It is an opportunity to meet and chat! Get to know the person, enjoy the moment or experience on a casual level and everything else will fall in place. It’s so easy to get disappointed when you expect too much.

3. I have heard so many stories about people getting stood up and people walking out on dates. Always have enough money for yourself and your date just in case he/she walks out of you mid-lunch/dinner ! Better safe than sorry.

4. Finally, try not to be nervous. Relax and enjoy your date.

That being said, today’s outfit is to give you ideas on what to wear. I really love this cute dress, it’s ideal for a hot summer afternoon/evening. It is a really pretty dress and it looks effortless. I paired it with my blush bag and my blue heels from JustFab because it worked well with the theme I had in mind. I really wanted my outfit to be blue and pink all the way through, hence my choice of choker, which is also pink. I hope you like, let me know what you think of the outfit in the comments section.

Outfit Details

Dress: Boohoo


Heels: JustFab

Bag: JustFab

What’s your worst first date experience? Do you like this outfit? Let me know in the comments section.

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Shoutout to my girl Davina Oriakhi for taking such buff pictures of me ! This is her debut as a photographer & I am loving these pictures:)

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