Hey February!


I still can’t believe it is February! It is the second month of the year and I am super psyched.

Can we talk honestly now?

How many of those new year resolutions have you followed through with? Did you have a productive January? I think these are the sort of questions we need to ask ourselves at the end/start of the week or month. I personally feel like if we don’t, it is so easy to get distracted and then notice at the end of the year that the year hasn’t been as productive as it could have been.

Let’s say you slacked a bit, you still have time to get it together. Whilst I have had a productive January, I think it is mostly dependant on this.

I can tell you this for a fact! I do this and it works. I always write out my visions clearly and how I intend to work towards achieving them. I set targets and ways to measure my success in reaching those targets.

Even if your January wasn’t as productive, now it is February. I personally believe every day is an opportunity to make things right and a step closer towards achieving your goals.  That said, write out your targets clearly with ways you intend to achieve them and how you intend to track your progress. These are important keys for a successful and productive month.

Have you tried this? Does it work for you? By the way, how are you loving our #motivationwednesday posts?

Happy February! See you on Sunday x

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2 thoughts on “Hey February!

  1. Love this post! Its true thats a great way to do it, i am slacking at the moment but ive got a few empty notebooks and i think thats exactly what im going to use them for. Great Motivation xfjx

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