The power of lashes

wearing temptation:)
wearing ‘temptation’ lashes:)

In the past, I never understood the obsession with false lashes, it was so foreign to me. I was all about my eyeliner and the occasional mascara. Can I just say that I have seen the light!!!!!!! I am totally here for it. In my opinion, I think false lashes complete the look. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Till then, I think I’m right ! I don’t think my makeup is fully done without lashes. Maybe it is just me but I love me some falsies. Who is with me?


My falsies are definitely my fave items this week. I didn’t realise how much I loved my falsies until I walked into a beauty supply store around my church to buy new lashes.  I had misplaced my fave pair of lashes (‘passion’) earlier that week. I was so upset! “How can you not have passion?”, I asked the store attendant. He asked me what “passion” was.  I don’t think I have ever been so irritated. How can you not know what ‘passion’ is?! Thank God bae came through, she knew I had been looking for ‘passion’ and she gave me a pair:) Gosh, I love her.

I am also currently in love with all my falsies from Eye Candy and Red Cherry.

my fave Eye candy
my fave Eye candy pair! sells for £4.95 on
£3.49 on

If you feel like your makeup game isn’t that great, maybe all you need is a pair of good lashes! Thank me later:)


Do you share my obsession with lashes? What are your favourite lashes at the moment?

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  1. fashion, how best you can interpret your feeling…nice one…😎😎 any fashion tips for men pls?…

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