Update + Beauty post

Hey my loves!

How are you? Did you have an amazing week. I sure did! I have been off work for over a week now and I cannot believe how much personal admin I have left to do. Sorting out my life can be so intense! In any event, I am loving the freedom that comes with being on holiday. One of the exciting things about being away from most things is perspective. I have a clearer perspective of things I would like to do now. It is funny what a little time and space can do for a person. Who can relate?!

I feel like I need to rant about how terrible the weather has been these past days! It has been raining everyday! I thought I was going to be able to enjoy the sun on my holiday but nature had other plans.

Anyway, if you still haven’t seen my latest video, pls check it out. Don’t forget to like, SUBSCRIBE & leave your comments.

In terms of youtube, I am working towards posting twice a week but in the meantime, I’ll be posting every wednesday so stay tuned. See you next sunday on the blog & do check out my youtube channel on wednesday.

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